To provide our services, we employ a comprehensive range of equipment, some of which are listed below:

Test equipment, e.g.

- network analyzers (up to 13,5 GHz)

- spectrum analyzers (up tp 40 GHz)

- signal generators (e.g. Tetra modulation)

- generic testers and product specific adapters

- electronic loads

- oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supply units

- temperature chambers -40°C - +180°C

- leak tester

Board assembly line including

- assembly machine (0201 and µBGA)

- reflow owen 7-phases
   (Rohs or non rohs process)

- Leica microscopes

- Metcal soldering irons

Other tools e.g.

- torgue wrenches

- screwdrivers (Hios, Panasonic)

- torque calibrator

- fume hood


- dry chambers

- vacuum packing